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Getting around Aruba is not much of an issue.  Aruba is an island where much of it's revenue is based on tourism, so rest assured that if you need to get somewhere on Aurba, you should be able to either rent a car, take a bus or find a happy Aruba Taxi driver.


Aruba Taxis and Aruba Taxi Companies



Taxis in Aruba do not have distance meters since rates are based on destination rather than mileage. These rates are set by the Aruba Department of Public Traffic.

- Prices are per taxi not per person max 5 people
- Holidays and after midnight add one dollar to the rate - Below
Aruba Taxi Fares (Sample)
Airport --> Caribbean Town Beach Resort US$ 10.00
Airport --> Renaissance Suite / Resort US$ 13.00
Airport --> Downtown Shopping US$ 13.00
Airport --> Supermarkets US$ 15.00
Airport --> Low-rise hotels US$ 17.00
Airport --> La Quinta Beach Resort US$ 17.00
Airport --> Paradise Beach Villas US$ 17.00
Airport --> La Cabana All Suite Resort US$ 17.00
Airport --> Amsterdam Manor US$ 17.00
Airport --> High-rise hotels US$ 20.00
Airport --> Marriott US$ 20.00
Airport --> Tierra del Sol US$ 25.00


Aruba Public Transportation and Buses


Arubus Bus Company
Arubus is inexpensive and reliable daily bus service between all the districts and the hotel areas. Busses operate on a varying schedule averaging every half hour between the major hotels and Oranjestad. Round trip tickets are US$2.00. Transfers are made at the bus terminal in Oranjestad for other destinations.
Arubus Routes and schedules.




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