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Aruba Car Rental and General Aruba Driving Directions:

Should you be involved in an accident, do not move your car! Call the police by dialing Tel. 100.
Aruba uses International road signs. Foreign & international driver's licenses issued by a member country of the Geneva Convention, are valid here. Car speedometers and road signs are in Kilometers, although many cars have both km/h and mph. The speed limit in city areas is 40 km/h, out of town it's 60, unless a higher or lower speed is posted. Much of Oranjestad's traffic is one-way and at intersections, where there are no road signs, traffic from your right has the right of way.  Additionally, on Aruba there is an abundance of Traffic Circles, so be careful!

Browse the Aruba Car Rental Directory Below:

  • Economy Car Rental
    Aruba Car Rental Companies. Low rates, new cars and 4x4's in top quality condition, fast and friendly service. You can take delivery at the airport or we'll gladly pick you up at your hotel and take you back at the end of your rental

    Top Drive
    Aruba Car Rental Company with a full ine of vehicles for rent. Located at the Aruba Airport terminal

  • American Car Rental
    Aruba Car Rentals speicalizing in American Cars and Other rental Vehicles

  • Royal car rental
    Sabana Liber 15, Noord, Aruba

  • Ace Car Rental
    Aruba Car Rentals - Offering a full ine of rental cars and trucks

  • Amigo Car Rentals
    Amigo Car rental is located minutes from the high rise hotels and at the Aruba airport

  • Aruba 2 Plus
    Aruba Car rental Company specializing in long term rates

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